Kichlers Landscape Blocks is a $10 million initiative to create more than 100,000 new, affordable landscape blocks.

They will be made out of recycled materials like cardboard, fiberglass, and glass, which will be re-used.

They’ll have a range of sizes, from about 8 inches to 12 inches, and will be designed to be easily placed in a space or on the ground.

They’re made to be attached to buildings, so they can be moved around the building when it’s vacant.

Kichler’s project is expected to create as many as 2,000 jobs in the area and create as much as $1.3 million annually in direct economic impact.

Kichers founder, Mike Kichmeier, says the project is a “tipping point” for the area, where “we’re seeing a lot of displacement of people from the surrounding areas.

“They’re just looking for work in the construction industry.” “

People are not only coming to Kichs for the landscaping and the building blocks and the landscapers, they’re also coming to us for a job,” he said.

“They’re just looking for work in the construction industry.”

Kochs plan is a big win for the neighborhood, KICHLER said.

The new construction jobs will help revitalize Kichners neighborhood, where construction jobs have been scarce for years, and help bring the neighborhood back to life.

“We’re going to create jobs and bring a new life to Kchler, so the neighborhood is really revitalized,” he told the newspaper.

In addition to creating new jobs, the project also will bring much-needed revenue to the area.

This will be a very good year for our city,” Kichlels chief executive officer, Dan Kichman, said.