A Melbourne landscaping business has announced plans to close in the coming months.

The new owners of Green and Green will have to leave their current location at the end of May.

Landscape and landscape services company Green and Garden, based in Westfield, have been struggling to make money for months.

They started out with just a few clients in their Melbourne branch and now have a staff of more than 300 people, but they say they need to find new clients.

They are currently paying out more than $1 million a year to its clients, which is a huge burden.

It has been almost three years since Green and Gardens first started, and its staff have only managed to keep up with that rate of growth.

They say their main issue has been finding clients to come to the shop.

“We have been working on that for a few years now, so it’s quite a challenge for us to stay at the same rate of development,” they said.

“So if you go back a year, we are doing better.

But we still need a few more clients to get it back to the level we want to be at.”

The company started in Melbourne in 2004, when a local woman called Natalie had a dream of doing something she’d never done before.

It wasn’t the typical landscape business that Natalie wanted to work in.

Natalie had been working as a manicurist and her husband was retired and she wanted to take his business to the next level.

She got to know her business partner, Chris, who was also a landscape architect.

“He had a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit, he was a very passionate gardener and he was into gardening and he would just come and pick up anything and everything and he loved it,” Natalie said.

She said Chris was also passionate about the arts and gardening, and it was when they worked together that she decided to set up her own business.

“I was just doing manicures, I had a couple of assistants and it just happened, I just fell in love with it,” she said.

Natalie and Chris had always loved the landscape.

They both worked for the same company, but Chris said he had always been the one to bring in new ideas to the company, and Natalie was always the one who brought in the bigger projects, like the one that started out as a garden and a lawn care business.

The business was originally set up as a small garden, but grew to the point where Natalie had to close the shop because of financial issues.

“It was a real struggle,” she explained.

“Our revenue had been decreasing for quite a while, it was just really challenging for us.”

Natalie said that in the end she had to give up the business.

She and Chris decided to go into different businesses that could better support their lifestyles, but that they could still do the same work they had always done.

They sold the business to a new owner and began working on a new business.

It took a couple more years for Natalie to find a new place to work, and the business has been on the verge of closing ever since.

“That was actually quite difficult for me to give myself up,” Natalie explained.

The company has been struggling for the past year.

Natalie said it had to make cuts in staff to keep the business running, and was struggling to keep it profitable.

“The last six months have been pretty difficult for us,” she admitted.

“For us it’s been hard, we’ve been struggling financially for a while.

Natalie has always worked at the business for the money she makes. “

But we’ve got a couple big new projects coming up in the future.”

Natalie has always worked at the business for the money she makes.

“One of the reasons I’m doing it now is because I have a family to support me and a mortgage to pay and that is something I don’t have.

So it’s really helped us to focus on the business and that’s really been what we’ve needed,” she concluded.

Green and Gardens is one of the biggest and most successful landscape companies in Melbourne.

The first few years it was small, but eventually grew to be a multi-million dollar business.

Natalie was part of a team that helped to build the business up and was able to stay on top of what was happening.

But now, she said, the company was in a state of disrepair.

“Green and Garden has been a very big part of my life, it`s been really rewarding to be part of the team and it`ll always be a part of me.” “

There’s a lot more work to be done and I don`t think that we will be able to get back to what we were at last year, but I think we will,” she continued.

“Green and Garden has been a very big part of my life, it`s been really rewarding to be part of the team and it`ll always be a part of me.”

The news is expected to come as a shock to Green