The snow is going to fall.

It’s going to be a cold winter and the skies are clear.

That’s the idea behind a snowplow idea that some are turning into reality.

The idea is to build a snow plow to carry plow blades to the snow.

There are no shovels or plow trailers involved in this project.

It is basically a two-wheel snowmobile.

The project is based on an idea from David Hsieh, a snowboarder and snowboard enthusiast.

The snow plows can be used as a power-generating device.

The wheels can be moved by hand or can be powered by a battery.

There is no fixed speed, but the snowplows are designed to handle a speed of up to 1.5 mph, which would allow them to move up to 5 tons per hour.

“It is designed for snow removal in a snow-free environment, and the plows will be able to pull a snowbank up to 10 meters high and up to 35 meters long.

They will also be able tow snow that falls on top of the plow blade,” Hsiehs website says.

This will be an electric-powered snowplower, which can produce enough power to lift a truck or truckload of 1,000 tons of snow, Hsieres website says, adding, “the generator can also be used for other types of work such as building, landscaping and construction.”

The project was developed by a group of students and former students of Hsiehes snowboard shop, the Snowboarders, and a group called the Winterboarders Association of North America.

The students were inspired to build this project after their snowboarding lessons went downhill.

“The students at the Snowboards School at St. Lawrence University created a project to bring the power of snowboarding to North American students and students around the world, and it is going viral,” the website says of the project.

“We are very proud to be working with this student-led group.”

The students and their snowboard school created this idea after being asked by their instructors to make snowmobiles and use the power from their machines to power snow removal.

The team then went to work on the idea.

Hsie’s idea to build snowplowers as snowmowers The team had to start by finding the right materials.

Hsu’s website says that a good snowboard is a lightweight snowboard with a good weight distribution and a strong center of gravity.

It has to be light enough to travel a long distance and to have the right shape for the plowing.

Hsi’s website also says that the machine should be able move up a slope, and that it has to have enough lift for a snowfield of up 50 feet.

Hui’s website said the team found that the best material for the snowboard was a 2.5 to 3-foot diameter foam.

They said that the material is also soft and has a good grip, which is the perfect material for snowplowing.

“Our students at St Lawrence University built a prototype that they call the Snowcraft that can carry the power to a 1.8-ton snowfield,” Hsi said in a video about the project, adding that the project is funded by the Snowmower Club of America.

It says that it will build the machine and start using it to remove snow from streets.

The site says that these plows are expected to be ready for use in 2018.

Hsy said that there are plans to bring it to the United States and Canada.

The company is also working on a snow tractor, which will be powered from the power provided by the snow machine.