Landscape mode can be a bit of a pain in the neck when creating your landscape, but it’s the easiest way to create the sort of landscape you want to see.

With a simple landscape mode grid you can start off with a basic landscape that’s just the sort you want.

Here’s how to create one that looks good and makes you smile.1.

Place your scene on the grid.2.

Start with the grassy field with a grid of 0.5 inches on each side.3.

Draw an outline around the grass in each direction.4.

Add a few more squares on the left and right to create an arc of grass that runs around the field.5.

Add another arc to the left side of the grass.6.

Place the grid line at the centre of the field and draw a line down the centre to the centre line.7.

Draw a horizontal line to the edge of the grid, and a vertical line to each side of it.8.

Start the grid with a horizontal grid, but keep the width to 0.25 inches.9.

Start a vertical grid, with a width of 1.25.10.

Add an arc to each square of the vertical grid to create your path of grass.11.

Add lines on the sides of the arc to create paths around the edges of the path.12.

Add more lines on top of the arcs to create long, thin strips of grass around each strip of grass you’ve created.13.

Add little strips of wood on each strip to make the grid thicker.14.

Draw circles around each area of the landscape.15.

Add some foliage and plants to create more of the garden look you’re after.