Best landscape fabric for perennials. 

What is it? 

There are three main types of fabric that grow perennials: Perennial Pane, Perennials Primitive Pipe and Pea gravel. 

How do they work? 

Pantone and Nylon are both very versatile fabrics. 

Pantry fabrics are designed for outdoor plants that need a durable waterproof material. 

They can be made of a fabric that holds water and other hydrophobic substances to absorb water, as well as waterproof fabrics that keep moisture away from the plants. 

The most popular type of pea gravel fabric is called Pea-Grained Pane. 

It’s made from pea straw, and the fibers are used to make a fabric for plants that needs to absorb rain. 

Peas are often used in puddles for soil or in plants that are growing under bark. 

Soil pea is very popular in the garden. 

In fact, soil pea has been used for centuries as a material for building roofs and fences. 

Some plants that grow on pea soil include citrus, lettuce, and radishes. 

For more information on peat, read the Perennia blog. 

Primitive Pipe fabric is also used in landscape fabric. 

Its made of peat clay and the fiber is used to create a fabric to hold water and absorb moisture. 

This type of fabric is used for small to medium-sized plants. 

 Primitive pipe fabric is not very popular for landscape fabric because it is too thin for most plants.

However, it is available in a wide range of colors, and is also made from various types of pecans and walnuts. 

Gravel Pipes are also popular for outdoor construction, and they are also often used to fill in the cracks in concrete. 

When you’re looking for fabric that will last for a long time, go for a fiber like Peed, Peed-Grated Pane, and Peas-Graining Pane fabrics. 

 The last type of fabrics you’ll want to look for is Grain Pipes. 

These fabrics are made of coarse and fine peat. 

Each of these fabrics is made from a different type of fiber, but the peat fiber is usually much finer and has more water-absorbing properties than the pea fiber. 

You’ll want a fabric with these properties to keep your plants watered and to make sure they stay hydrated during the winter. 

Most fabric makers also offer a variety of peashapes to help you create a more natural look for your plants.

You can find more fabric options for perennial plants in the landscape fabric category. 

Top image credit: Gabe Ortega via Flickr