By TONY HARRISON-BROWNSTEINThe following video will bring you up to speed on some of the best ways to brighten your home’s home.

Watch the video above to learn how to turn your kitchen into a lighting show.1.

Turn off your lights before you go to bed.

When you’re at bedtime, leave your lights on.

When it’s time to go to sleep, turn off the lights and put the covers back on. 2.

Turn the lights off and turn the lights back on when you wake up. 3.

Turn your lights off after you wake.

This will allow your lights to shine throughout the night.


Turn down the volume to quieten your noise.


Turn on the light to the dim light mode when you are not looking.


Turn lights off when you’re not using them.


Turn a few lights off at night to turn the volume down.


Turn all the lights on at night and turn them off when the lights are turned off.


Turn light on and off as you walk.


Turn power on, turn lights off, and then turn off all lights when you need them most.

Top tips for dimming lightsBefore you head out to your next outdoor event, it’s a good idea to turn off your outdoor lights.

Here are some simple tricks to help you keep your home more lit during the summer.1, Turn the thermostat down before you leave for work.2, Turn your thermostats down when you leave the house.3, Turn on all the outdoor lights in your home.4, Turn off all the indoor lights.5, Turn all your outdoor lighting lights on when the house is dark.6, Turn lights on and turn lights down when the room is quiet.7, Turn light off and on as you leave.8, Turn lighting off and back on as soon as you come back.9, Turn everything on when it’s quiet.10.

When a child is sleeping, turn on all your lights as soon you come home from school.