According to Football Italian, the biggest threat for the Italian league’s top four sides in the 2019-19 season comes from their opponents in the Europa League.

Here is a look at who would be a potential destination for the top four.


Juventus (32 points) The Bianconeri are the best-placed Serie A side in the league with the second-best points ratio behind Napoli.

They are also the top-scoring team in Serie A this season, and could potentially do it again next season, if they manage to win their remaining games.

They won’t win the league without Juventus.


Milan (30 points) Their rivals in the top flight are not far behind them, and they are also looking to take back the title they have been missing in recent seasons.

The Rossoneri have a fantastic defence and are also well-known for their attacking prowess, which could lead to a repeat of last year’s success.


Atalanta (24 points) This is one of the best teams in Serie B, and are currently on a five-game unbeaten run that has them comfortably in second place.

They have an amazing attacking squad, which should help them reach the Champions league semi-finals, although there is no reason to think they won’t miss out again in 2019.


Fiorentina (20 points) They have a good squad, and should be one of Italy’s strongest teams.

They will certainly make a run to the Europa next season.


Lazio (18 points) If the Rossoneris can avoid a relegation battle next season and avoid a repeat, they could be the most likely team to win Serie A. However, the Bianconelli have the advantage of winning their remaining fixtures.


Udinese (17 points) A long-standing threat, and if they can avoid relegation, they will be in the mix to be the next big surprise.


Sassuolo (16 points) Another big threat, but the Sassuoli could struggle with relegation this season.


Parma (14 points) Although they have only won one of their last five games, the Parma could easily be the surprise of the Serie A season.


Pescara (13 points) With the top six tied, Pescarans only realistic shot at a top-four spot is if they win their final three games.


Torino (13 Points) The Rossoneese could be a force to be reckoned with in Serie E next season if they play well enough.


Udine (12 points) It will be a long-term challenge for the Nerazzurri to stay in Serie D. 12.

Udino (12 Points) It could be difficult to see them make it back to the Champions.


Torpedo (11 Points) This one’s a bit of a toss-up, as it depends on the strength of the season and whether the club can bounce back from a disappointing season.


Sassuso (10 Points) They are currently in Serie C, but could easily end up in the relegation zone if they fail to make the playoffs.


Genoa (10 points) Genoa are currently ranked second in Serie G, which is a bit low for a top four club.


Pisa (9 Points) Pisa has won just one of its last six games and is currently sitting in Serie F. 17.

Sampdoria (8 Points) A win over Torino in the first leg of the Pisa semi-final could be enough for the Sampdorians to get back in the competition.


Sassuchets (6 Points) Sassuches are in Serie R, and will be able to claim promotion by finishing top of Serie A and winning their final two matches.


Piedmont (6 points) Lacking a goal scorer and a striker in their squad, Piedmans chances of making the Champions appear slim.


Torinese (6.5 Points) While the Torinese have not won a Serie A game this season and have only lost one in the last five, they have a solid squad.


Napoli (5.5 points) While Napoli’s season has not gone to plan, they still have a strong squad.


Lazarum (5 Points).

Lazarums squad is one that could easily win a top flight spot.


Sampo (4 Points).

Sampones most notable players have only played in one league this season – the Serie B – so their chances of a repeat are slim.


Piacenza (3 Points).

A lot of the players at Piacenzas squad are still young and will need time to develop.


Cagliari (2 Points).

This is a very young squad, so a