The best landscapping solution for a yard is not going to come from one single provider, according to a new survey that surveyed over 1,000 homeowners.

According to the survey, homeowners who own landscaping companies in their yard have the lowest satisfaction with their landscaping solutions.

“The majority of homeowners surveyed said that they don’t see the value in any landscaping service,” the survey states.

“Most homeowners feel that they can’t find the best options for their yard in terms of value or quality,” it continues.

It adds, “Only 9 percent of homeowners indicated that they are satisfied with the quality of their landscap, with the average rating being 4.5.”

Some homeowners are choosing to use landscaping services for more than one reason.

Some homeowners said they choose to use them to save money, such as the landscaping they get for free.

Others, however, say that they use them as an investment.

In many cases, landscaping costs are the most important consideration when choosing landscaping.

The survey also found that landscaping is the most cost-effective solution for homeowners, with an average of $9.25 for every square foot.

However, the survey found that most homeowners do not want to spend more money on landscaping because it can result in more problems down the road.

“For some homeowners, landscap is the only option,” the study states.

“Many homeowners want to use the landscap they get from a landscaping company to replace a damaged or diseased lawn, and it is a great option if you are able to make the cost to replace the lawn lower.”

Some homeowner survey respondents were also asked about the type of landscaping that they wanted to see installed in their yards.

Almost half of homeowners said that the majority of their lawns were being cut down.

However in a majority of cases, homeowners do want to see some landscaping installed in order to give them the best possible lawn.

The majority also said that most of their yard was being landscaped for the first time, according a poll conducted by Real Estate Insider.

A majority of the homeowners surveyed also stated that they had the opportunity to see how the landscaped area looked on their property.

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