In space.

That’s a feat of design that was not possible a decade ago.

With a few small tweaks and a few millions in capital, the company behind a $1.2 billion solar farm in Colorado has gone from being a project that was just one of hundreds to a project the company estimates to generate a million solar panels annually.

The farm, which will provide a sustainable alternative to fossil fuel-powered power plants, is the culmination of a partnership between the company, American Solar, and the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) as part of the state’s $1 billion solar energy incentive program.

That program, which has an estimated $7 billion in renewable energy projects under development, has already been a major driver in the state and has attracted the attention of the Trump administration.

In 2015, American signed a deal with the CDA to build a $300 million solar farm at a site on the Navajo Nation’s reservation near Pueblo.

The project would have used 3.2 megawatts of solar power and was designed to be able to produce energy for about 2,000 homes, according to a statement from the Colorado Solar Energy Coalition.

The solar farm was expected to cost about $200 million, and it was expected that it would produce enough power for about 400 households.

The contract also provided that the farm would produce a renewable energy source for the community, according the CAA.

That project, called The Solar Farm, was supposed to cost $1 million and was funded by the Colorado Energy Initiative, an agency created to provide funds for energy development on tribal lands.

That grant is the source of the $200,333,500 the CCA is spending on the project.

American Solar was supposed the company would provide solar power to the community at a cost of $200 per month, but the project never came to fruition, the CVA said in a statement.

Instead, the solar farm will be a $100,000 facility that is expected to generate 100 megawatts (MW) of solar energy for Colorado.

The facility is expected a be used for the installation of solar panels for homes and businesses, as well as the construction of an electric power plant, according a statement by American Solar.

It is expected that the $100 million investment will create 2,500 jobs.

The company is also aiming to create 1,200 jobs in the construction and operation of the plant, the statement said.

The CDA is not alone in its enthusiasm for American Solar’s project.

The Colorado Department is also investing in the project, the Colorado Bureau of Mines said in an announcement on Wednesday.

The Colorado Solar Power Facility is located near the village of Elko, Colorado, and will be the first of two solar projects that the state has approved for the project and the first project under a $700 million incentive program approved by the state.

The new plant is expected in time for the state to begin a $500 million expansion of the solar power project, which the CGA said is expected by 2021.

The state is spending $300,000 per month on the solar project, according its statement.

The project is part of a growing trend of American Solar projects that are using technology and technology partnerships to produce jobs and generate wealth in the region.

The company has previously partnered with the University of Colorado to produce power for the University and is planning another project to produce solar energy to power the university’s residential and commercial campuses.