President Donald Trump signed a bill Thursday to limit federal funding to parks.

The legislation, passed by a Senate vote of 51-49, is aimed at preventing federal agencies from issuing more than $5 million in grants to state and local governments, a key component of the National Park Service.

The bill prohibits the National Parks Service from issuing grants for park restoration or management.

It also prohibits agencies from spending more than 50 percent of their budgets on programs that directly benefit the public.

The National Park System has received $4.8 billion from the government since 1981.

The funds were used to pay for park services such as roads, infrastructure, and recreation programs, among other things.

Trump has sought to increase the size of the parks agency, which he has said he wants to save, and has been critical of the federal government’s stewardship of the country’s most iconic public spaces.

The president has also called for the abolition of the national monuments in the U.S. that are designated by the 1906 Antiquities Act.

The White House has not commented on the bill, but Trump has repeatedly tweeted about his desire to see national parks restored.