A $3 million terrarium might sound like a big deal, but if you are looking for the best DIY project, there are few better options than this one.

It looks pretty much like a traditional garden but has been converted to be a terrarium.

The only difference is that it has a garden section.

The project has been designed by designer Tom C. Lee.

Lee is a licensed landscape architect and landscape designer who has designed homes, businesses and even a small zoo.

He is best known for his terrariums for a number of homes including the one above.

You can buy the one in this photo here, which includes an actual terrarium built from a 2,000-pound (1,900-kilogram) concrete wall.

There are also several other projects on Lee’s website.

One that’s particularly well worth a look is the $5,000 “Terrarium of the Future.”

Lee designed this one from scratch with a 3D printer and the intention of using it to recreate a typical terrarium at home.

It was made from 100 tons of concrete, which he said could be recycled.

He even included a removable garden to keep out insects.

A lot of this work requires a lot of energy.

You’ll need to use a generator to power the entire thing and you’ll also need a water pump to keep the water flowing.

Here’s a look at the finished project, which is located in a forest near Houston.

While Lee isn’t the first designer to make a DIY project like this, his work is pretty much unique in terms of its scope and scale.

It’s also an easy project to get started with.

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