Google, Facebook and Microsoft are teaming up to create an internet map for the country, which could be used for business travel and the discovery of new places, according to an article in The Times.

The project will be led by Google Maps, a company that makes maps that users can search for online and that has been used for research and tourism in the UK.

The plan is to launch a Google Street View for the area around London, where it will be possible to upload any photographs of your favourite places and get a better idea of how the area has changed.

The maps will also be able to show where people are using smartphones, so people will be able explore different neighbourhoods.

Google says it has a range of maps for its maps app that can show users where they are, how far they have travelled and where they’re currently at, and will be available in English and French.

It is the latest effort by these companies to try and find a more global way of looking at things.

The Times says Google is planning to have the new maps available by the end of this year.