A landscape supply company has offered a $500 reward for anyone who can prove they can’t find the garden that the company’s owner would have ordered.

In a recent post on the company Facebook page, Garden City said it was looking for “people with good taste” to “share their experience” with a “good selection of gardens”.

“You’ll get a free garden supply kit with the purchase of a garden, which includes a landscape supply kit, plants, and plants.

All the garden supplies and plants you want are included in the kit,” Garden City’s post read.”

This is a great opportunity for people to share their experience with a good selection of garden gardens in the UK.””

If you can prove you don’t have any garden garden supply kits you’ll receive a £500 cash reward.”

The post also gave an indication of how the reward would be split.

“You’ll receive £500 for the first five items that you share on Facebook, and then the money goes up by £500 per item for each additional item that you shared,” it said.

“The first £500 is split amongst the remaining gardeners of the Garden City Gardeners Facebook group.”

Garden City has been selling the products on its website since January 2015.

In May, Garden Council in England announced it would start to charge gardeners for garden supplies that were “not suitable for indoor use”.

The move came as the number of gardeners in England declined from around 2,000 to around 1,000, according to the National Farmers Union.

In response to the growing popularity of garden supplies, GardenCity’s founder, Paul Gower, said that his company was offering a “realistic and fair offer” to gardeners, “but there will be no guarantees of privacy and security”.

“We are offering the gardeners a product that is safe and secure,” he said in a statement.

“We have no control over the privacy of the garden they have bought.

It’s up to the gardener to be able to use the garden as they see fit and to choose the privacy they desire.””

Gardeners are free to choose privacy and privacy is important to us.

We want gardeners to feel comfortable using the garden and it’s up the garden to do the same.”