Gardeners will be encouraged to add their own festive touches to their holiday trees this year by adding festive Christmas trees, a new scheme announced by the Australian Government.

Key points:Landscape and landscape architecture firm Landscape Architect has created an online guide to decorating a Christmas Tree in Australia.

The firm said the online guide is an opportunity to educate the public on the Christmas tree and help the country to “celebrate the season with all the fun and joy”.

“The Christmas tree is a celebration of the season and is often the first gift someone gets from a loved one,” the company said in a statement.

Landscape Architect’s website has more than 3,000 images of Christmas trees.”

As an artist and an architect, I know it takes an incredible amount of creativity and love to create something that is so unique, so special and so beautiful.”

Landscape Architect’s website has more than 3,000 images of Christmas trees.

It has also put together a Christmas themed Christmas Tree Calendar, with more than 200 images of different Christmas tree designs.

It says the calendar can be viewed, Landscape Architects’ website.

Landscape Architecture said it wanted to make the calendar available to people across the country so they could find a Christmas design and be inspired by it.

“For some people, Christmas is a time for family reunions, family gatherings and a festive celebration of all things, but for many, Christmas has become a celebration that they don’t have time to celebrate in a traditional way, so they want to have their own unique holiday tree,” Landscape Architecture’s managing director, John Crampton, said.

“They want a tree that will stand out and stand out in their homes.”

Mr Cramton said the company wanted to provide people with an opportunity for Christmas trees to be a part of the community.

“A lot of the Christmas trees are very old and they are very fragile and if they get broken they could lose all their money,” he said.

“So, we wanted to do something that could be a really easy way to add a little bit of character to them.”

Mr Rampton said Landscape would have the Christmas Trees online in the coming months, but he said it was not just for Christmas.

“It’s for the rest of the year too,” he explained.

“We’ve got plans for Christmas decorations for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but Christmas Tree Day will be a little more restricted, with a few trees at the Christmas Festival.”