The search giant is launching a new online garden service that will help homeowners choose the type of landscaping they want for their properties.

The “smart garden” feature will provide homeowners with a list of the best landscaping options in their area, allowing them to easily see what the best options are in their neighborhood, according to Google.

The service will offer homeowners the option of choosing between different types of landscapers, such as stone, brick, wood and more.

Users will be able to see a full list of different types, from tile and sand to concrete and concrete mix.

Google will also provide a variety of tools to help homeowners customize their gardens, such to make it easier for homeowners to plan and plant their gardens.

In addition to providing a list, the service will also offer an overview of the different types and their features, which will help users make an informed decision about what type of garden they want to plant.

Google said it will start launching the “smart gardening” feature in the coming months.

The company said it has seen a significant number of homeowners looking for more options in terms of the type and style of their landscaping.

“This is an important moment in our history, and this is an opportunity for us to build on our strong relationships with homeowners to make sure they get the most personalized, personalized experience possible,” Google said in a blog post announcing the feature.