When you want to create a gravel parking lot but don’t have the budget to buy an actual gravel lot, you can still create a great one in your backyard.

We all know about the gravel parking lots that cost thousands of dollars, but what about the cheap alternatives?

There are lots of gravel parklets around that can cost less than $1,000.

They can be made with the right tools and materials, and they look great.

Here are seven ideas that have been tested and proven, all with a cost of under $100.1.

A gravel parking spot in your yard2.

A “cheap gravel” spot in the backyard3.

A cheap gravel parklet with a roof4.

A free-standing “cheaper” gravel parklot5.

A large gravel parking area6.

A dirt parking lot for the kids7.

A low-cost gravel park in the back yard