Red Rock has long been synonymous with a “rock and roll” scene.

But the landscape in its backyard has changed since its original beginnings as a strip of land at the end of a gravel road in the 1960s.

The land, which stretches from the ocean to the Pacific Ocean, is home to Red Rock Beach and has become a popular destination for surfers and surfers-for-hire.

The Red Rock Aquarium and Marina opened in 2016, and Red Rock is now the second-largest aquarium in the world, according to its website.

The park also boasts a “magnificent array” of nature features, including the largest live oarfish display in the United States.

The resort was developed by Red Rock Resorts, which owns and operates Red Rock Reef Resort in the Philippines, and is owned by the Red Rock Resort & Spa.

The resort has operated at the same location since 1998.

The company says Red Rock, which includes a new restaurant called Red Rock Bar & Grill, will feature a cocktail bar and a bar-b-que and will feature local seafood.

It’s a new concept that brings the resort to a new level, said Red Rock spokesman Jeff Luecke.

The addition of a restaurant and bar in the middle of the ocean is a “treat” for the community, he said.

The new restaurant will be located on the second floor of the resort, and it will offer a cocktail lounge and a cocktail menu, Lueck said.

It also promises to be a “local experience” as it will feature locally sourced seafood, he added.

The restaurant, which will be open 24 hours a day, will serve a variety of seafood including the Red Rocks own Blue Fish, Lucee said.

In addition to offering a cocktail, the restaurant will also offer a range of local beverages including craft beers, wines and spirits, he noted.

Lueckel said that the new restaurant, along with the bar and restaurant, will include an outdoor deck, pool, restaurant and lounge, among other amenities.