Google Doc’s biggest selling point is the ability to share documents and documents spreadsheets with others on the same computer.

But Google Doc, which was originally designed to be a personal and business document-management system, can also do much more than just document creation and viewing.

For example, Google Doc can also be used to edit documents.

Now that the company has launched a new product called Word for Android, Google is looking to expand this functionality.

Google Doc for Android lets you quickly edit and edit documents in the app, then copy, paste, and share those documents with others.

You can even save your work, and it can even import it into other Google Doc apps for later viewing.

This is a significant upgrade for Google Doc.

In addition to being able to edit and share documents, Google also introduced a new feature called the document export feature.

This feature allows you to upload and export documents in a range of formats, including PDF, Word, HTML, and Excel.

You have the ability of adding, deleting, and rearranging the documents as you wish.

For instance, you can create a PDF document and then copy the entire document from the clipboard to your clipboard.

Then you can open it in Word and save it as a Word document.

Or you can edit it and save as a text document.

It’s very powerful and I’m really excited about the possibilities.

I’m also really excited that it will be available for Android devices.

And it’s just one more feature that will make Google Doc even more compelling.

When you start with a single document, Google will create an image file, then you can drag it onto the document, and you can copy and paste it.

But the other thing is that you can also edit it, save it, and export it.

It is a really powerful way to work with documents.

When I started to work on this product, I really wanted to add this feature because it makes it super easy to share and work with files, and I wanted to make it super simple to create and edit them.

So I’ve been really impressed with the support they have given for the Word team.

I think this is the kind of thing that makes me excited to work for Google.

When it comes to Android, we know that there is a great product on the horizon, and this new product will be a major milestone in the Google’s evolution of the Android platform.