The Government will deploy more than 20 million hectares of new bushfires prevention trees, shrubs, vegetation and other natural defences, in the State’s most severe wildfire season.

Key points:The State Government says more than 25 million hectares have been planted, but it’s not yet clear if the trees will be effectiveThe State and Territory governments will invest $50 million over four years to create more than 10 million hectaresThe State Department says it is not currently in a position to assess the benefits of the tree projectSouth Australia is facing a record number of bushfires, with the largest in the state’s history.

It’s the biggest bushfire season on record and a big challenge for state and territory governments.

In a release, the State Government said more than a quarter of the trees it planted would not be effective.

“This year, the Government will spend up to $50million to establish more than 9 million hectares in the most severe fire season,” the release said.

“We believe the more trees we can plant, the better chance we have to protect the communities and businesses that depend on our beautiful bushland.”

The State’s firefighting team will also spend up $50m to create 10 million more hectares of trees.

The Government will use the additional funds to: